Research and Development

As a responsible and sensible private company we always look forward on true development and progression of our mother Sri lanka and her people. Hence our all intention is to facilitate the research and development programs much as possible. we always grant our utmost support for not only physical development but also intangible development. By being one of the major infrastructure development company, we sincerely believe in assisting of uplifting of living standards of sri lankan community and environment. In this endvour, research and development holds considerable amount of weight. That is the reason we always invest on research and development projects.

Polhenwathta Ecological Restoration Project

Initially Polhenwathta was used to provide gravel for the Central Expressway project. It has revealed that, Polhenwaththa Land is the largest land extent with a large deposit of gravel which is highly suited for road filling. And also Polhenwaththa Land is located in Narammala, Kurunegala district which is extremely near to the proposed expressway. But we have identified the ecological importance of the land. when the construction is finished, it is obvious that the land and the ecosystem around the land is destroyed harshly. It definitely affect the community who are live around in many aspects. To prevent that kind of ecological catastrophe, we have performed feasible study and a research on future rehabilitation and restoration of the land and its eco system with the patronage of several state organizations and several intellects. You can download related documents following

 Document of study of the hydrology Environment & Reserve of Polhenawaththa Gravel Deposit By  Prof. Athula Senarathne May-2017  Download
 Document of Hydrological Survey of Polhenawaththa Gravel  Deposit By Water Resources Board of Sri   Lanka Nov-2016  Download